Our Land Surveyors Are…..


Professional land surveyors provide the foundation to a successful project. Maintaining professionalism and introducing the use of the latest skills and technology ensures the greatest success of a project.


There is no replacement for experience. With over a hundred years of land surveying experience between the owners, we ensure your project will run smoothly. We understand the importance of great communication and personable relationships, building these relationships is the key to success.


No two jobs are ever the same. Thinking practically and creatively will keep your development project moving forward. Coming up with ingenious solutions to difficult problems will allow us to complete any complex land surveying project.



Prompt and Efficient Service

As professional land and building development consultants we are pleased to have worked with Axis Land Surveying Ltd. on many development projects in Summerland and the South Okanagan. Axis Surveying has provided O.D.C. and our clients with excellent legal surveys and plans since 2006.

Darryl Mitchell and his team at Axis Land Surveyors have always provided prompt and efficient service, along with timely advice regarding legal plan requirements and land surveying. Axis continues to provide very competitive quotes for their work. We at O.D.C. appreciate Darryl’s professionalism and his personal follow up on and would not hesitate to recommend Axis Land Surveying Ltd. to others.

Bill Coates, Project Manager
Okanagan Development Consultants Inc.

Always Accommodating and Professional

Darryl and his colleagues from Axis have assisted us on several projects on First Nations lands over the last few years. These assignments included both legal and engineering surveys and needed quick mobilization and turn around. Their service is always accommodating and professional. We do not hesitate to recommend their services to our clients and colleagues.

F. Michael Olmstead, BASc, P Eng
Urban Systems

On Time and On Budget

Darryl was responsible for legal surveying services for the Rainbow development project in Whistler when I was Project Manager. He provided excellent service on time and on budget for what to me was arguably one of the most complex land strata subdivision and easements arrangements that I have been involved with.

Bill Hayes P. Eng.
Hayes Consulting Ltd

Appreciate the Excellent Service

We have completed several multi-family projects with AXIS Land Surveying on our team. We always appreciate the excellent service we receive from Darryl Mitchell. The results are accurate, prompt and done in a friendly manner.

Wes Friesen, Architect AIBC, LEED AP
Points West Architecture

My Go-To-Guy for Surveying

Darryl Mitchell is my go-to guy for surveying. He provides valuable advice on all of my strata plan issues and he and the team at Axis Land Surveying provide excellent service. I highly recommend them!

Diane Delves, AACI, P.App.

Surveyors - Land Surveying AbbotsfordBC Land Surveyors... What Do We Do?

There are many different types of surveys one can get. At Axis Land Surveying we work with the client to make sure they understand the type of survey needed for their project. Nothing helps more than a five-minute conversation to make sure you understand what we can offer to your project, one of our knowledgeable project managers can help with this.

Axis Land Surveying is a full-service land surveying company. We incorporate experience, teamwork, and technology to deliver outstanding and accurate survey data and plans. Our surveyors specialize in topographic, construction, and legal surveys, strata developments, property line re-establishment and much more.

Our surveyors are dedicated to providing our clients with professional, experienced, and practical land surveying services.

Why You May Need a Land Surveyor....

We need maps. It’s just that simple, we’ve always needed maps and will continue to always need maps.
Land Surveyors provide survey mapping and Geomatics services. Geomatics is the technique, science, and art of gathering geospatial observations and data, processing this data, analyzing, mapping, and creating a survey plan of this information for the client.

Land Surveyors - Abbotsford Land SurveyingHistorically, prior to the invention of the printing press in the mid 1400’s, all maps were painstakingly hand drawn. Some of these maps were more accurate than others in size, scale, and detail. Some of these maps were even painted on papyrus or caves and tombs.

In Ancient Egypt, registration of land to provide proof of ownership was at times painted in the tombs of the prestige, some of these paintings are thousands of years old.

The ancient Romans used surveying techniques to construct the aqueducts for the transportation of fresh water to highly populated areas and for agricultural purposes. They surveyed the road systems, producing some of the most elaborate road maps of their time, allowing for ease of transportation of Roman Soldiers, officials, civilians, and trade routes.

Many past civilizations have used maps and cadastral information for transportation of trades, taxation purposes, land ownership depiction, and much more.

As generations and civilizations have passed, the need for maps and surveyors to create them is still out there.

Today, most survey plans created by land surveyors are used for the same purposes. Whether it be a topographic plan showing the elevations and features of the land for design purposes, a subdivision plan showing the division of one titled lot into five new titled lots, or a location certificate plan showing the location of a concrete foundation to satisfy the local governments building permit, all these surveys have their own purpose and are all important to the homeowner, developer, or other professionals.


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