Strata Development

Axis Land Surveying Ltd. has extensive experience in consulting with developers to determine their strata development needs from bare land strata plans (individual lots) to condominium strata plans (single or multiple units in one or more buildings) on residential, commercial, mixed use and phased projects to be registered in the Land Title Office under the Strata Property Act. We also prepare plans for subdivision, consolidation of strata lots and conversion of common or limited common property.


Axis Land Surveying Ltd. has extensive experience in all aspects of subdivision from preparing proposed subdivision plans for applications to municipal or provincial governments to completion of subdivision plans for filing in the Land Title Office.

We work with engineers, architects and solicitors to provide information required in the process such as topographical surveys for engineering design, survey of existing legal boundary monuments to confirm perimeter of property, review of subdivision design to confirm the proposed subdivision meets municipal zoning requirements and preparation of draft plans for municipal and solicitor approval to ensure the subdivision process is completed as efficiently as possible.