Building Location Certificate

Building Location Certificate - Axis Land SurveyingBuilding Location Certificates are generally required for municipal applications to obtain a permit to build an addition on an existing dwelling or detached garage or for a mortgage on a property to be purchased. A site inspection is made to locate and measure the improvements and prepare a simple to read and understand plan view of your property showing the boundaries according to the plan or legal description your title is based on along with a graphical sketch showing the location of buildings, other improvements, easements, rights of way, covenants and other interests on the property in relation to boundaries.

Alternatively, Title Insurance can be obtained. This is an insurance policy which requires separate policies to protect the owner and the lender. This policy may not (except at added cost) protect anything but the amount of the mortgage (leaving the remaining cost of resolving problems to the owner). This is a product developed in the United States to protect mortgagees from hidden interests in property as a result of inadequate deed registry systems and the somewhat unorganized manner in which lands were occupied for settlement.

The benefits of a Building Location Certificate include disclosure of encroachments, clear depiction of any problems relating to encroachments or building locations that may need to be resolved before completing a purchase to use for a range of preliminary planning options from potential building additions or improvements to determining if further subdivision may be possible.

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BC Land Surveyors Information Guide



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