About Our Company

Axis Land SurveyingAxis Land Surveying Ltd. started in 2005 in Abbotsford under the management of Darryl Mitchell, British Columbia and Canada Lands Surveyor and has serviced clients with legal and engineering survey projects in the Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and the Okanagan.

We specialize in land development and consulting with developers, lawyers, planners, architects, engineers, contractors and private owners for a variety of services, including: subdivisions, air space plans, commercial and residential strata developments, commercial projects, topographic surveys, leases, right of ways, easement and covenant requirements.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with highest quality of service and cost effective methods to achieve their desired results in a timely fashion.

Axis Land Surveying Ltd. has the records of the businesses of Wayne Griffith, BCLS and F.R. Bonn, BCLS of Abbotsford.

The Axis Land Surveying Team

Darryl Mitchell - Axis Land Surveyors

Darryl Mitchell

Alan Mijinke - Axis Land Surveyors

Alan Mijinke

Darryl Mitchell - Axis Land Surveyors

John Squires

Joe Cullen - Axis Land Surveyors

Joe Cullen

Ken Minielly - Axis Land Surveors

Ken Minielly

Wes Brown - Axis Land Surveyors

Wes Brown

Bobby Chalioulias - Axis Land Surveyors

Bobby Chalioulias

Shannon Hala - Axis Land Surveyors

Shannon Hala


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